7D & 1D4 AF in Alaska (Texas ICF Pro-Am)

I’ll be leaving in the morning for my 1st Images for Conservation Pro-Am Contest which runs through Sunday April 1st.  I’ll be coaching/teaching a team of 6 motivated photographers shooting for pride and perhaps some prize money.  http://www.imagesforconservation.org/pro-am/pro-am-tournament-purpose-description

While on my  recent “Bald Eagles of Alaska” tour I had a chance to do some experimentation with Auto AF Point selection in both my Canon Eos 1D4 and my 7D.

Here my mk4 nailed this banking eagle with the snow falling against a somewhat busy background.  I found accuracy to be quite good considering the conditions.  The lens I used for this was the superb EF300mm F2.8L IS.  I feel this lens brings out the best in the AF systems of these 2 cameras.

These images above were all captured with the Eos 7d, EF300mm F2.8L IS with auto AF point selection.  The 7d not being considered a top of the line Canon Camera did quite well  Not 100% accurate but I achieved good results.  I normally use a single focus point often with surrounding points activated for birds in flight.  I’m beginning to believe that in certain conditions Auto AF point selection is a viable method for photographing larger birds in flight.  I’ll be very anxious to try out the new AF systems in Canons upcoming 1DX and 5D3.

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