More “Bald Eagles of Alaska”

Been working hard editing the images taken last week in Alaska.  Ruthless editing is getting me down to manageable numbers but I still have far too many images saved.  I guess another round of editing is required..  I’ll show you a few.

Here’s a simple portrait in some real nice afternoon light.  This image was captured using my 500mm F4 IS handheld from inside my car.  The bird was perched near the fish processing facility.

We found this eagle late one afternoon perched on this beautiful lichen covered rock outcrop.  We were able to approach it quite closely in the boat.  Captured with my Canon Eos 5dmkII handholding my EF500mm F4 IS. 

As this eagle begins its dive I was able to catch the action with my Canon Eos1dmk4 attached to my EF300mm F2.8L IS handheld.  With great light I had plenty of shutter speed to stop the action.  Exposure was 1/3200 @ F4 @ ISO 320.

In this image I try to show a bit more of the environment of Kachemak Bay.  Again I was working with some really great late afternoon light.  For this image I was using my trusty Canon Eos 1D4 attached to my EF70-200mm F4 IS which is a great combination for this type of imagery.

To capture this image of a fishing bald eagle in low light conditions I used a faster lens, my EF 300mm F2.8L IS, and raised my ISO up to 640 to achieve a shutter speed of 1/1600 @ F3.2.  This allowed my to freeze my subject motion.  Panning with the subject helped also.  Well,  I’m going back to my editing…..

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