Winter in Yellowstone

I’ve been in Yellowstone National Park since  Saturday leading my photo tour.  It’s very wintry this year in the park with the most snow I’ve seen in some time.  We had some extremely cold temperatures to deal with.  Tuesday we had -36 F and on Wednesday we hit -38 F which tied the lowest temp I’ve experienced in the park.  We’ve done very well photographing red fox they seem to be everywhere.  I speculate they are having to hunt more to compensate for the tremendous snow cover making them much more visible during daylight hours.  We  went into the interior today and captured some great landscape images and some really great red fox photos.  I hope these images look OK since I’m processing them on my laptop.

Ghost Trees in Mud Volcano Thermal Area

Fountain Geyser

Frosty bison at -30 degrees
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3 thoughts on “Winter in Yellowstone”

  1. Great shots. We are headed there tomorrow morning, hopes it gets a little warmer. Sure must be hard on the animals with that much snow and cold. Last we we had hardly any snow and warm temps. Any luck with wolves?

    1. Hey Rich,

      We have had good foxes, no wolves at all. Nobody is even seeing any. We heard some in the Hayden Valley on our snowcoach trip yesterday. Coyotes are few a far between as well. There are 5 otters near the confluence. Seen the last 3 days. Good Luck.. I’ll be here till Wednesday..

  2. Great shots. We leave tomorrow morning, hope it gets a little warmer. Must be hard on the animals with all the snow and cold. Last year there was hardly any snow and it was warm. Have any luck with the wolves?

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