Nature Photography Close to Home

We all love to visit exotic and famous locations to photograph, nobody more than I, but we often neglect what we have close to home.  I’m very fortunate to live in a wonderful area for nature and wildlife photography (not by accident).  I’m very lucky that I can be in Yellowstone National Park in less than an hour.  As much as possible I like exploring the areas near my home.  I’m on the western edge of the Bighorn Basin a high intermountain basin that is semi-arid and is full of canyons, badlands, rugged hills and sagebrush steppe.  It’s a huge area that will take a lifetime to fully explore.  All of the following images were taken an hour or less from my house.  So for you to really improve your nature photography get to know your local area and find what it has to offer and become an area specialist and develop a good portfolio.  It will surely improve your craft.

Sunset in the Bighorn Basin

Heart Mountain

Lightning Stike over Carter Mountain

Rock arch in Bighorn Canyon