Made it Home

It was a bit of a struggle to get back home from Alaska.  We were delayed in Anchorage due to a maintenance issue with the plane delaying our departure 3 hours causing us to miss our connection in Seattle.   We had to spend the night in Seattle and was fortunately able to go stand-by and catch an earlier flight to Billings MT.

Bald eagle about to catch fish

During the tour I took nearly 15000 images which for me is astounding since I’m usually not real heavy on the shutter.  With 20-40 eagles flying around us at nearly all times the number of photo opportunities was nearly endless.  We would take 2 boat charters a day each lasting about 3 hours during the best light of the day.

Bald eagle on a snowy day

Beside the bald eagles we we’re able to photograph sea otters, harbor seals, various species of gulls and ducks and some stunning scenics.  I’ll be going through the huge volume of images I captured and we’ll be posting more as I get through them.

Harbor seals on ice flow

My camera gear functioned superbly and I plan to have some discussions of what I used during the tour and how the various cameras and lenses performed.  Stay tuned!

Sea otter on ice flow

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