“Bald Eagles of Alaska” Adding 3rd Tour

Both of my March 2012 “Bald Eagles of Alaska” tours have sold out.  Due to demand I’m going to add a 3rd tour which will run from March 15-20th, 2012.  At this point it looks like I’ll have just 2 openings for the 3rd tour.  If you’re interested you may want to jump on this fast.

This special tour offers the photographer an unparalled opportunity to capture remarkable flight images of the magnificent bald eagle.  Photographers on my March 2011 tour averaged 3000 photos a day.  We concentrate on learning correct manual metering and exposure  for bald eagle which can be difficult to expose properly.  Once this technique is learned the photographer is free to concentrate on capturing the high paced action

For more information go here http://www.franzfoto.net/pdf/FRANZ-Bald-Eagles-of-Alaska.pdf  To view more images from the tour go here http://drobertfranz.photoshelter.com/gallery/Tours-Bald-Eagles-of-Alaska/G0000pKYt28W0MTI    To register for the tour go here https://www.franzfoto.com/page1

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