“Bald Eagles of Alaska” Trip Report


“Bald Eagle at Sunset”

This marked the 20th year that I’ve been travelling to Alaska during the late winter to photograph bald eagles and my 4th “Bald Eagles of Alaska” photo tour.  I had a wonderful group of enthusiastic photographers along with me this year.  Thank you Don, Mike, Hank, Murray, Sharon, and  Norm.  I really enjoyed your company.   We had amazing weather this year.  For the 1st time I can ever remember we had clear skies the entire tour.  This can be good but also bad in some ways.  We had 2 photography sessions a day and made sure to get out before sunrise and then again in the late afternoon to take advantage of the best possible light.


The clear skies gave us numerous opportunities to utilize the amazing scenery in our eagle imagery.



With the great lighting conditions we were able to keep our shutter speeds high allowing us to capture amazing eagle acrobatics.  We’d capture thousands of images during each photo session.



Nearly every afternoon we had a great sunset and we would then concentrate on photographing the eagles flying against the beautiful colors of the sky and setting sun.





For 2014 I’ll be running back to back tours in March, the 11-16th and the 16th-21th and I’m already looking forward to it.  To join me in 2014 visit my website at franzfoto.com to sign up.





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